How to take care of your Jewelry! Como cuidar tu Joyeria!♥

How To Care For Your Paparazzi Jewelry

Sleep - Don’t sleep with your jewelry on to avoid tangling and breaking

We toss and turn and sweat and get our earrings and necklaces kinked up when we sleep, so take off your jewelry before bed. This is a good rule of thumb for any jewelry, even fine jewelry.         

Shower - Your jewelry doesn’t like water, try to keep it away

Water is the enemy of fashion jewelry. Be sure to remove your jewelry before showering, doing dishes, swimming or washing the dog. Never wear when cleaning with chemicals.

Store your jewelry away from steamy bathrooms or laundry rooms to ensure they stay dry. Store a piece of chalk in your jewelry box to absorb moisture.

Sprays - Use perfume, hairspray and etc. before putting on your jewelry 

Sweat - Avoid massive sweating while wearing your jewelry. Example, avoid wearing your jewelry during workouts 

Protect your jewelry from abuse and scratches by removing it before you do housework, yard work working out or participating in sports.

Swim - Don’t wear the jewelry while swimming

Cleaning Your Paparazzi Jewelry

Yes, you can clean fashion jewelry. While water, bleach and jewelry cleaners are to be avoided, most jewelry can be brought back to life with a polishing cloth. Buff gently and watch it shine!